Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I saw this movie last night and it is as fresh as it was then, truly a remarkable movie.
Animated movies are always thought to be meant for toddlers , But this movie might break this notion among most of us .
Well , this laughter riot centered around Four zoo Friends , Alex -a dancing lion who craves for steaks, Marty - A confused Zebra, Gloria - A seductive Female Hippopotamus (i dont know what one calls a female hippo) & Melmen - A nerdy Giraffe.
The plot kicks off with the birthday of Marty who is busy dreaming about the wild , and his best friend Alex gifts yet another best seller product of his.
The story gets a twist when Marty escapes from the zoo and is followed by his three friends . But soon caught after by the security is soon bid Bon Voyage to Madagascar.During the voyage due to small fight between Alex & Marty the crates get knocked off into sea & soon after they find themselves on Madagascar.
Soon they are greeted by the Lemurs & their king Jullian(singer of "I like to move").
But the adventure starts and Alex's craving for Steak makes him attack his friends. And rest is the adventure how they all turn friends again .
In the Ship along with them are the 3 James Bond inspired penguins, who invade the ship and direct it to Antarctica . But disappointed & running out of fuel they return back to Paradise:Florida but land up in Madagascar.
The voice overs given by Ben Stiller, Chris Rock & others are Simply awesome.
And don't forget the song : "I Like to Move It

Oh i forgot to thanks aXXo for the awesome DvdRip :p

enjoy the song


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