Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well! I have a PSP 2000, piano black called PSP SLIM N LITE just enough to satisfy me.
Its a nice gizmo with a long list of PROS and a few handful of COns Too.
Well u all might be familiar with it.

Bearing a Sony and a Playstation logo it simply streams through all the games you throw at it (of course psp games) & the 4 inches screen , though not touch screen(oohh) can provide a nice time watching movies and again only mp4 ones and of course the Mp3 player & the UMD drive are added bonuses!!AND the memory card slot allows Bad Boyz like us to cheat Sony & other companies by playing games through the Memory Stick pro duos . The memory card earlier used for game demos by Sony Proves a boon for music freaks like me by providing space upto 64 GB !!! A 3.5 mm audio out allows one to connect normal speakers or headsets to the consoles.Well there is a USB port too. Earlier version even sported an infrared port making
it a universal remote for all devices

And well the battery life>>ok ok thats short man only for 3 hours & the screen gives glare.
Carrying it may make one feel like there is a brick in the pocket
And the inbuilt tweeters suck. But after all Nothing iS perfect .
Sony definitely deserves applaud man!!
Hats off ! to Sony For the innovation of this true portable entertainment console


Manmeet Singh said...

hey dude...
you also following the blogger way.

cool.!! and nice posts...

Good luck.

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