Monday, November 10, 2008

Well i bought my 1st electric this year. Just after my dreaded HALF YEARLys in the month of September . After a fortune of months spend on internet searching about all the popular brands my mind FINALLY got struck on IBANEZ RG series , ESP M ,MH & F series ,JACKSON Kelly,Warrior, & Randy Rhoads Signature. However, i used to eye the Gibson Les Paul & the Steve Vai Jem
But they were definitely out of question due to its price( a blinding amount of $3000 & $2400 resp.)

So , after the short listing of the COMPETITORS a little bit of research was done again to find the winner. Ibanez was a fast emerging choice . Finally , those haunting half yearlys got over (ooff!).

I flocked to the Guitar shops in Daryaganj ,Old Delhi ,Well a very nice place for people looking out bargain & a nice range in musical instruments. The !st Shop was Biba Musicals (a really odd name!)
the guy out there had a very nice range of Guitars with Guitars from virtually every brand (Except Gibson!) With a very nice pricing almost matching that of US(US stores offer a very competitive pricing as compared to Indian Stores). But Pa could not really get along the owner . He didn't seem to be interested & moreover the shop was also undergoing renovation. So, i bid farewell to the shop to land at the doorstep of R.N BHARGAVA AND CO. Well a nice reputed store in Delhi with a nice customer service on Instruments i.e. 1 year + (2 year for a sticker that can stick on to your instrument ).
Well the wooden flooring seemed to be inviting customers tooo. [:p]
The range was absolutely mind boggling . From Harmoniums to Casio , Guitars and Basses ,
Pickups and what not!.
Well my hunt ended with IBANEZ RG370DX GP2 .I know thats a scary name , but the RG series is a dream machine for many guitarists .

Well i was only get my hands on it on my next visit . The showroom has ample of space and has a separate room for tuning and setup of instruments & also for their trial. All sorts of people where in the showroom IITians , Firangis etc etc..The guy out there was very helpful and sorted me out in a jiffy. But as the Diwali eve was approaching The billing took a little bit time due to a large no. of customers.
The instrument was screeching and yelling at its top at my home after a hour . No tuning problems even after
4 WEEKS!!. Well courtesy the unique tremolo which costed a bit more also.
It is this one>
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Manmeet Singh said...

nice post!!....

man,you didn't told me that you've bought this.

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