Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well Iron Maiden is on a World tour and They won't visit Delhi !

February 2009
10th - Serbia - Belgrade (tickets on sale)
13th - UAE -Dubai
(tickets on sale)
15th - India - Bangalore (tickets on sale)
20th - New Zealand - Auckland (tickets on sale)
22nd - New Zealand - Christchurch (tickets on sale)
25th - Mexico - Monterrey (tickets on sale)
26th - Mexico - Guadalajara (tickets on sale)
28th - Mexico - Mexico City (tickets on sale)

March 2009
3rd - Costa Rica - Alajuela
(tickets on sale)
5th - Venezuela - Caracas
(tickets on sale)
7th - Colombia - Bogota
(tickets on sale)
10th - Ecuador - Quito (tickets on sale)
12th - Brazil - Manaus
(tickets on sale)
14th - Brazil - Rio De Janeiro
(tickets on sale)
15th - Brazil - Sao Paulo (tickets on sale)
18th - Brazil - Belo Horizonte (tickets on sale Feb 9th)
20th - Brazil - Brasilia (tickets on sale)
22nd - Chile - Santiago (tickets on sale)
26th - Peru - Lima
(tickets on sale)
28th - Argentina - Quilmes Rock Festival
31st - Brazil - Recife (tickets on sale)

The anxious eyes must have noted that Mexico and Brazil have the most number of the performances

Just to inform the SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR 2008 (last year) started in Mumbai .
the manager of the band doesn't even care to organize one in the capital of the country

Why?? We don't have Iron Maiden fans in Delhi??

Really sad.... I console my fellow Iron Maiden fans
They will surely visit Delhi some day.
The band will be performing day after tommorrow In Bangalore .

This is an irrelevant Video but worth a watch .. and the flight 666 will start a new post all together so .. bye and
Rock on \m/....


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