Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Finally someone is here to listen to the million voices for open source in India "The Mozilla Camp Delhi", scheduled for Feb 10, 2009 in New Delhi It is the first ever Mozilla Firefox Unconference in India. On February 10th, 2009 Two Mozilla stalwarts Seth Bindernagel and Arun Ranganathan will be joining the open source community in New Delhi and discussing the Mozilla initiative to a better web through open source.

Big names in the media like IBN and NDTV are the TV media partners.
Having earned itself a nice reputation as a replacement for Internet Explorer , this "Unconference " will definitely boost the Mozilla user base and will popularize open-source cult in

There a re a bunch of thingsyou can also do on your part to be a part of the camp.

Things To Do. Can You Help?

Please add any other tasks that needs to be done. If you want to pick up a task (we love you!), please put your name and phone number next to it.

  1. Design a poster. - Yadu Rajiv
  2. Bulk Poster/Banners Printing.
  3. Tshirt Printing.
  4. Design an Animated Presentation.
  5. Design a Flash,for MozillaCampDelhi
  6. Tidy up this wiki. - Mohak
  7. We need a nice tag line. - Taking Back the web,one user at a time (Mozilla's tagline)
  8. Find venue and freeze the date. - 10th February,2009
  9. Find sponsors for food and snacks.
  10. Design a backdrop
  11. Prepare a press release
  12. Podcast being available.
  13. Design small web buttons for blogs that says 'I'm speaking at MozillaCamp' and 'I'm attending MozillaCamp' - Yadu Rajiv
  14. Design a laptop sticker. - Yadu Rajiv
  15. Get Wifi at venue. - MTNL
  16. Send mailers to Barcamp, OCC, Proto.in and other mailing lists. -Kinshuk
  17. Add the event to Barcamp.org main page schedule - Mohak
  18. Hire caterer. Fix menu.
  19. Please bring your digital cameras. It will be good to take lots of snaps. - Deepankar,Srajan
  20. Live Video Recording,with Tripod Stand.- Kinshuk
  21. Getting Standees (5-10).
  22. Add directions to the venue.
  23. Add info about parking
  24. Add sponsorship details.
  25. Buy colourful post-it notes.
  26. Arrange for projectors. - Mohak
  27. Must arrange for a Mic and Amplifiers.
  28. Arrange for a raised platform for the speaker so that he is seen by everyone.
  29. Create a hashtag for Twitter #mozcampdel. - Kinshuk
  30. Publicity in GGSIPU During Anugoonj(Annual Cultural-Technical Festival). Gaurav Paliwal
  31. Online PPC based Event Promotion Campaign. Ankit (Ready, Starts as soon as Venue gets finalized)
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