Saturday, March 28, 2009

Amidst the March's Commotion

Well the first exam was the mind wrecking Social Science memorizing 24 lessons in even 2 days time is a nightmare. But the nightmare came true for me and sleeping for less than 5 hours i woke up again at 4:30 AM(sharp!). The paper was not as frightening but one question which i had not prepared came . i had a really bad tackling it.

Next was Maths , i still remember how i wasted nearly 7 out of the 10 day leave by sleeping and loitering around the colony mindlessly. Actually i started studying the 2 days before.
As expected the maths exam too went like a breeze .

i wasted a fortune of hours and days . I used to start studying just the day before . The day before i used to have goosebumps for all the day round
Hindi and English also went but the Science kicked my ass.(badly)
We got 4 leaves in between . But i wasted the starting two leaves in my ignorance, as i had done earlier in all my papers.(Ignorance is Bliss).

But the last two days i had a horrific experience i forgot by Bio(logy) Chapters even after memorizing twice and could spare only a minimum of 4 to 6 hours to Chemistry and physics .
But the paper was a mixed bag full of surprises. With a few twisted questions i found the paper (and the Set III ) difficult.
Probably it was because of some chemical locha in my mind which one of my comrades had injected into my mind and got strengthened with that maths MISHAP( the wrong construction question)
Somehow with guesses and tukkas i sailed through it .
Next was the Practical .. dont ask how.. !!
Alas! we're free!!!
But i have one grudge ... they ate away the whole month.


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