Sunday, May 31, 2009

Road rage

Its an age old issue with a lot of people screaming about it and Media yelling about it.
Only because we almost see it everyday in one form or the other.
I myself have had close encounters with people rushing their bike or car almost into my gut on my way to the insti.

Yesterday an interesting incident took place on my way to the dairy{MOTHER DAIRY!}
My parents sent me to the dairy for - you know what ! . The blazing sun roasted my head and the queue almost made me lose my temper. Then at last i managed to buy milk.

when turned back I saw a speeding scooter(Ya the chetak one) with a grey beard loon and a child on it and a car(Accent) driving in the same lane .
And in the next instant
the scooter collided ..... Car's window crashed ....Blood spill..... child alright! ... loon injured ......
still conscious ..... car driver Fu*ked up....
The car driver ( a youngster) unlike all others just stopped and got out of the car , he was very much horrified by what had happened and looked like a chicken about to be slaughtered.

Typically Indian style , a crowd emerged rather a dense crowd. Someone called the youngsters names while some called the loon names , very few sensible ones suggested taking the loon to the doctor and all the others watched the scene in a content with a peace of satisfaction upon each face.

Some other Geniuses took benefit of the crowd and asked them to help push their vehicle as its Self start was not working..

And The loon made the youngster piss.. he took the loon to the hospital i guess as he had already sat in the car and by then i also walked away.


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