Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Da Vinci Code

Well the name needs no introduction at all . Most of you must be familiar with it either in the form of the Movie or the book.
I read the book sometime back and I'm trying to recollect some of the outline features of the book .
Well this book authored by Dan Brown is definitely a very fine piece of mystery literature . His style of writing ensures thrills and Adrenaline gushes at almost every point of the story.
The story revolves around a a writer or probably a researcher Robert Langdon & a cryptographer
Sophie Neveu & her grandfather Jacques Sauniere's mysterious death.
The book starts with the infamous FACTS page & the Prologue that gives the introduction to the story. The story begins with the mysterious murder of Jacques Sauniere .by an albino. The albino called Silas is a member of Opus Dei and is on a mission to find The Holy Grail. Jacques Sauniere dies in a mysterious condition , with clothing stripped he lays down in a position resembling the Painting Vitruvian Man. The following message is found near his body
O, Draconian devil!

Oh, lame saint!

P.S. Find Robert Langdon

Jacques Sauniere as revealed later in the story is a member of the Secret society "Priory of Sion." which is trying to preserve the Holy Grail
Cryptographers are called and in the team of Cryptographers is Agent Sophie who deciphers the
message partially runs away with Robert Langdon who is called in the museum by the Police Officer "Fache". The message kicks off the plot and with the help of this message the the murder
of Jacques Sauniere. By finding hints from the message they find a cryptex and go to professor
Teabing's (a friend of langdon) house.The story thereafter is full of ups and downs and full of adrenaline gushes!
From tracing the evolution of the word "horny", evolution and nature of christianity and nature of the Holy Grail , the story is absolutely exciting and a must for all.
And don't forget the Secret Feminie i.e. Mary Magdalene
Well just to inform the holy grail is believed to be the cup from which Christ drank from during the last supper.


aps_in_luv said...

I lurvv this novel..!!

its so interesting.. that i used to wake up at night suudenly just to get to the climax.!!


pawan said...

i too sat glued to my laptop(ebook )
for hours and my neck ached for next 2 weeks!

Manmeet Singh said...

Yeah a truly great book,which kept me on my toes till I finished the book.
As a matter of fact,its one of my personal favourites. :D

And as for your conclusion,I guess a single post wouldn't be enough to explain what the 'Holy Grail' actually is?

pawan said...

you are right but if i would have not written not much about it caring about all other readers including which would even not have heard the name

Haveonelikethis said...

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pawan said...

i hate spams on my blog "colins"
get off from here if you want to sell anything

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