Saturday, January 17, 2009

The White Tiger

Written by Aravind Adiga it is an excellent piece of literature describing the experiences of a person who is born in Laxmangarh (a small village near Gaya). The story is in the form of a letter to MR Premier - Wen Jiabao. Balram Halwai is the White Tiger of the book's title - a title he earns by virtue of being deemed the smartest boy in his village, a community deep in the "Darkness" of rural India. Beginning from his roots in the village he slowly explains the scene of a classical Indian Village and shows how The India Shining and India Rising has AFFECTED the village . The author is the son of a rickshaw puller , and vividly describes the ideal village family consisting of a single earning member who is sucked out of life from the day he starts earning and he finally dies of Tuberculosis .And not to forget the Water Buffalo which occupies a pivotal position in the family and is well taken care of even when the whole family is struggling to make the both ends meet.
Well then it tells about the landlords and how they are the only ones to progress in the India Shining. Then as the author s into his prime, he is also forced into the labour market by the family members . Firstly, he gets the job of a "Human Spider" in a teashop but gets a break when he gets the job of a Chauffeur in the house of a landlord of his own village . The family consists of the the landlord a.k.a The Stork as he was called in the village,
Mr .Mukesh a.k.a The mongoose having a typical landlord mentality And Mr Ashok and his wife Pinky . Mr Ashok is sympathetic to his employees. Balram is the taken to Delhi , where he sees how his employers bribe the ministers . He vibrantly describes the difference between the rich and the poor in Delhi and describes how being a loyal servant he experiences each and every emotion of his employer and is affected by it . But he slowly realizes that in the existing system he can't prosper and progress and can't unleash the potential of the entrepreneur lying latent in him. Although he sees his master Mr. Ashok as a fatherly figure among his family of misers . But after deep reflection he decides to murder his master . So, one fine day when he is taking his master to the parliament to bribe the ministers he kills his master like The Ancient Mariner kills the albatross in the poem The Rime Of the Ancient mariner .And thereafter starts the rise of the entrepreneur as he fleds to Bangalore .
The narrative is very detailed and gives very detailed description of the city life and the ways of people in the city from short skirts to the substandard magazines like Murder Weekly , whores and what not. It describes the typical habits of a driver. Despite from being sarcastic and satirical the book is also witty and seems to be laughing upon the india shining and mourns upon the political corruptness in the country.
I forgot to tell the book also bagged the Booker prize for the year 2008.
Well quicksilver a.k.a whatever( i don't know his name) i had exactly the same experience as yours before i could take the book in my hands . the post
(guys i know it is a terrible review and the mariner thing doesn't fits at all .but thats what i feell)


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