Sunday, January 4, 2009

Its Going darker and darker here...

As the night grew dark
All the dogs did bark
the ghosts did shriek
and the doors did creak.
In a dusty, empty lane ,
the creatures lay slain.
Walking down slowly ,
weaker grew my sight.
The big burning flies on the roadside
gave a pale shimmering light.
The sleep had cast a spell
which made the silence fell.
Sluggish grew my pace ,
oh! sweet pain given by those
thirsty mortals on my face.
the radiance grew dimmer
and died after a painful shimmer.
Lay open the highway to hell
the blood parched creatures did yell.
the clinch that was on my feet.
deep under was i pulled a million feet .
in a tarn with blood up to 3 inches deep ,
Swam devils with teeth like dagger.
Zombies did descend along the ladder.
Next ran the stiletto through my skin ,
tearing apart each and every inch.
The scarlet did ran, mirroring a crying mother,
my soul did cry seeing the agonizing slaughter.
with the flesh ripped, and heart eaten away,
i became a creature like thee,
and rapturous did the devils feel .
With incantation , a devil
in the eternal self did preside...

i won't appreciate any negative comments on this post.


Manmeet Singh said...

nice poem.Seems to be inspired by some rock music fanatic.

pawan said...

thanks man! but it is not rock influence whatsoever.

Quicksilver said...


nice..but what up with the zombies?

pawan said...

dont know either but one night my pen just ran wild

aps_in_luv said...


i neva knew about your talent..!!

Sarthak said...

Whoa . Can't believe . Great

mann said...

Nice poem

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