Friday, January 23, 2009

The Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire has at last returned to India where it was directed. Despite being the backdrop of the film it was released in India so late. The story is all about a dweller Javed who has made it to the final question of”Kaun Banega Crorepati" .But the police accuses him of cheating and asks him how a slum dweller could know all the questions on the show. The following film is how he explains his experiences of childhood, about his family and so on. The film is really touching and has been successful in reserving a special corner in the hearts of people all round the globe. After being awarded a host of Golden Globe awards for a no of categories, it is all set to bag a bunch of Oscars too after being nominated in 10 categories. It is a proud moment for Indians as
A. R Rehman is the 1st Indian to be nominated.

However, it is only the brighter side, which the media has finally realized and has depicted it on the Silver screen sensitively .But on the other side of the coin the situations have changed for sure, but even these changes are not as satisfactory. Many still die due to Poverty, malnourishment and many a times it is the greed and illiteracy which claims the life of these Slum dwellers. Only like a White Tiger, children like Javed are born once in a whole generation. They fight against the odds and rise to fame . BUT that’s only once in a whole generation and a lot has to be still done.

You might be wondering how i swayed the topic! (I aspire to be like Marc Antony of Julius Caesar)

Signing off with a heavy heart

The Optimist


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